Sunday, July 5, 2015

Card Thirteen - Peacock Spectrum Noir

Today's card is a Peacock,  colored with Spectrum Noir Markers, brushed with clear Wink of Stella and Stickles Glitter Glue.

I've been finding coloring very therapeutic lately. In fact, I've become addicted to it. I've colored quite a few cards that I've yet to show but you'll see them soon.

Frustration has entered the building. I'm using my inexpensive but pretty Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. I purchased the entire set at one time, but I've discovering that several have dried out, even though they have not been used. There is an easy fix, involving denatured alcohol (just adding a few drops to the pen and shaking) but I have to go to the hardware store and I've been too busy. Until then, I keep picking up a pen and finding it dry.

I bought the old first gen set, 72 markers - and this is a known issue. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.  The whole thing cost me $70.00 and a Copic pen is about $7.00 each so no way would I have had the range of colors in Copics for that amount.

The newest Spectrum Noir set has supposedly solved this problem with a new design and they are still cheap.  So I definitely recommend them if you want to use alcohol markers.

Anyway, the card:  I got a free peacock picture here. I love you people who put these free stamps out for us to color!

 I printed it on index cardstock. Spectrum Noir markers used were the BT line.  I used CG4 for the yellow part of the feather and LV1 for the background.   I didn't plan ahead for the background so figured I'd fill it with with the LV1, but that's the one that got dry. So I circled as best I could and went over it with Wink of Stella.  It is much prettier in person.

 Here is a closeup, you can just kind of see the Wink of Stella glitter on the bottom left above the bird's head but it is glittering all over the paper.

I added some Stickles glitter glue on the feathers in Blue/Green below the yellow which you can also sort of see above.  I used matching bling in the upper left corner with a Happy Birthday stamp in the bottom right.  I used a Hot off the Press Feathers paper pack for the matted background. I'm giving this to a friend whose birthday is tomorrow.

 Hopefully, she won't notice that I was running out of ink for the background!  It is a pretty card in person, very glittery.  I must figure out how to photograph these things.

Wonder if I should do a video of my making them?

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  1. I got into Teabag folding - which I used to make cards - isn't that funny? I was a folding fiend all the way through chemo and Herceptin (DX 2006 Stage 1c ER/PR- Her2++) . Have to say those markers sound pretty darn cool for coloring - might make a nifty Christmas present to ask for this year, eh? :o)

    I've been following your Pink blog for a little while now - I'm writing myself a note to give you a hyperlink shout out on my next post and add a link to the sidebar (I just revamped the blog, and it's still under "destruction"). Hang in there girl!