Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Card Ten - Christmas Ruffles

I STILL have pieces of paper leftover from previous cards. I cannot throw away anything but the smallest of scraps.  I confess, I'm a paper hoarder.  Somebody get me on that Hoarder's show!  I'd react the same way they do. "But I'm going to use it someday,"  I'd whine, visions of unmade cards dancing in my head.  Only, my visions are of gorgeous paper and not rodent feces covered Starbucks cups.

I'm a bit more organized too.

Just a bit.

I have a punch that creates these ruffles, so I thought it might be nice to punch the scraps and make a ruffled Christmas card.  This punch was a gift and a nice one, I have used it quite a bit.

Is that what you call it, ruffles? Maybe scallops. Chemo-brain makes it near impossible for me to remember the right terms and I've noticed it with each of these card blog posts. Unlike when you are writing creatively, with these you need to know the names.


Anyway, it came out kind of cute. But you can't tell which way it is supposed to go, so I am going to have to put an indicator on the outside.

See what I mean?
Back again.
Here's the inside, so it does matter.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize it could go two ways until I was done - and I like it the second way better.   OH well, guess that means I'll have to do another.

I thought about using embroidery thread and sewing through the holes, but I decided it was busy enough.  I only put red inside so you could see it from the outside.

I'm about done with those scraps....but I still have a few. Hmmm....how creative can I be?  I mean, a tree died for my card, I should use the entire product up, right?  So if you get a card with scrap of paper just glued to it, you'll know why.  

Products used on this card:
Border Punch Scallop (mine is old so I can't find the same brand online)
Red cardstock
WRMK North Pole Christmas Cardstock (I have the 12 x 12 but I can only find it in the 6 x 6 pad)
Red Zing embossing powder
AC "Mistletoe" Christmas Stamps (can't find online)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Card Nine - Spectrum Noir Sunflower

Sunflowers are so cheerful!    I have a stamp from IndigoBlu (yes, you've noticed I like their stamps) and so I decided to color.

Coloring is such a meditative thing to do.  It reminds you of when you were six, of course, but it is something to do while listening to a podcast or otherwise occupying your mind.  For those of us with no artistic ability, coloring can make us feel like artists.

I used Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers for my coloring.  I stuck to the GB (Golden Brown) line for the petals and did the EB (Earth Browns) for the center.

I remember when I ordered them.  I was pretty sick at that point, and my day consisted mostly of sleeping.  I wanted to do something simple while sitting in the light, so I treated myself to the entire set of alcohol inks.  They arrived the same day my friend from Salt Lake City did, (she was coming to maybe say good-bye, hah!).  We sat around my dining table and colored pictures we'd printed.  Although I was the one who does the artsy crafsy stuff, she turned out to be the much better colorist, knowing where light and shadows should fall.

Oh well, it was still fun for me.  She was bored.

So for the card, after I colored it, I fussy cut it out.  I mounted it on a piece of wood grain paper. I had a scrap of yellow gingham so put that on the bottom with a golden ribbon. I took another piece of the wood grain and cut a tag and stamped it with a tiny bee and the words "Bee Happy."

I tried a copper zing but it didn't show the details of the Bee so I stick with Versamark Fine black ink.  It shows more in person.

I colored two of the sunflowers so you will see another on a different card.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Card Eight - Gilded Lollipop Tree

Isn't this cool?


Black Cardstock
Speedball Gold Flake
Sizing Glue
Gold Embossing Powder
Wishes Stamp from a set I had, heat embossed using Versamark and gold embossing powder.
Indigo Blue Lollipop Tree Stamp
Gold Ripple Holographic Paper
Gold Bling

My glue was old so I ordered more.  I will do this card again with fresh glue and see if I can get more detail out of the stamp. I love this stamp, it's one of my favorites but I haven't used it with ink yet! That may be next.

So what do you think about these cards?  Are there any you would like?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Card Seven - Masculine

Like the pink card I did earlier, I am imposing my gender preferences on a recipient.  This is actually a card I made some time ago for a friend so you won't get it, sorry.  

It is quite simple.  Black cardstock is the base, and I found a black and grey striped piece of paper from my stash.  I mounted that on the cardstock and again cut a smaller piece of plain black.   I had a silver/grey ribbon I wrapped across the bottom and put it all together.  I also cut a 2 inch circle from black cardstock and took some silver Dazzles and mounted them to make the pattern you see.  (If you click the link, the dazzles I used are the upper right ones in the picture)

For those who don't know, Dazzles are from a company called Hot off the Press.  I really like their products and I really hate their customer service.  It's a problem!

Dazzles are embossed stickers.  You can find them from other companies but not in the wide variety from HOTP.  I'm going to be sad when I run out because I'm not sure I want to buy from HOTP again.

In this case, I believe they were supposed to be a clock face, but I just used them as a design,  and I took the minute hand and mounted it on the ribbon as you can see.  Finally, I used a "just because" dazzle sticker on the bottom right.

If this is too much description for you, let me know.  I can just use a list of materials if that would be easier.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Card Six - Homespun Christmas Scraps Banner

I had lots of strips of this paper leftover from yesterday's card, so I figured I'd do more banners.  The goal is to try to make each card different so I couldn't just copy, that would be cheating.  (Although I might do a couple of the same ones if I like them, so call me a cheater.)

Again, I used a one inch square punch to cut the banner ends.  I used a plain pre-made card from Michaels.  I placed the banner strips so that they were not straight up and down this time - I wanted a more homespun look to match the paper.  I glued them on just using a glue stick, and then used this wonderful leaf ribbon I found in some little store.

I love that ribbon, I've used it in several other projects.  It comes in other colors so I will probably get more.  It's one of those things that seems to come in handy more often than you would expect.  They have it on Amazon in the green and gold, and I've seen it in cream, which is a good buy as you can then use alcohol markers and make your own colors.   I've gotten in the habit of buying things in white so I can color them myself.

Back to the card -  I cut a few individual leaves (leafs?) off and added them on the vine to make it appear there were two coming from the same area.  I glued it down, and I added some red jewel dazzles. Now it looks like holly, right?  


Well, festive anyway.

I thought I'd outline the card in a cranberry color ink as it looked so plain.  Well.  Um.  I think the word for this is "homespun" right?  My cranberry ink pad crumbled as I was edging the card. Literally -  big hunks of foam came off on the paper, streaking it and making a mess.  It was an old pad, ten years or more, but I use it regularly; it is one of my favorites. Last time I used it it was fine. This time?

 I thought ink pads just dried up and blew away when they become too old.  This one had plenty of ink, but disintegrated.  On my card.

Actually, on your card.

I decided to call the edges artistic, but the mess also made my hands "artistic."  My plan was to stamp the word "believe" above the ribbon on the left and call it a day but I got a red dot of ink right in the center of the card.

I tried erasing it with an art eraser.  I tried using a clear alcohol marker to erase it.  Nope.  I had to cover it up or junk the card.

I took a spellbinders nestabilities label and cut out the two parts you see above.  On the inside part, I stamped "believe" and again used the Zing Leaf embossing powder and heat set it.  I coated the outside frame with versamark, used a red embossing powder and also heat set it, and placed it where my smear was.

This card became my nemesis.  I dropped everything.  I had to re-emboss the frame twice because I wiped off the versamark in a spot.  There are prints where there shouldn't be. The jewelled dots kept falling off.  Making this card created a mess, all because of the curse of the cranberry ink pad.  Whoever gets it may not get the prettiest card in the world but they will know I continued on in spite of hardship.  It's a symbol of resilience in adversity - or something.    Hopefully, it won't be a crumbled pile of paper in the envelope!  That would be a bad symbol.

When you see the word "homespun" you know what it means -- visible mistakes.  :)

For those who don't know, I am linking to the products I use on Amazon.  If you click a link and buy anything in that shopping trip (even things I haven't linked to, like a lawn mower or a book) I will get a very small percentage of your purchase.  So please start your Amazon shopping from either of my pages, even if you aren't buying scrapbook stuff.  That's how I pay for the items to make these cards, and I now I have to buy some cranberry ink.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Card Five - Christmas Banners

I have a paper pack by We R Memory Keepers called North Pole. It has the traditional red and green with some pale blues, and many of the papers have that cool scuffed look. Because I am into the December Daily I always look for matching Christmas papers, and this set is perfect, they all match each other so you can't go wrong.

I have the 12 x 12 pad, which also comes in several sheets of 6x6 designs. I wanted to do a banner page, so I took one of the 6x6 pages and cut it in strips, and again in a variety of sized pieces. To make the banner ends, I used my square punch and clipped the strips to get the design.  That means you aren't left with any funky cuts as you get when doing it by hand.  I got a sheet of robin's egg blue paper, which was also a color in one of the designs, and I played with it until I got the look I wanted and glued it down.

I'd intended to do a ribbon and bow for the strip across, but I didn't have any thick enough ribbon.  I also felt it looked funny with blue on the bottom and nowhere else.  So I cut a blue stripe and glued it across, then took a leftover red strip, and then added a vanilla piece, same color as the card.  I stamped the word "believe" using Versamark, and then added a few stars.  I love to heat emboss, so I embossed with some Zing Leaf powder.

I have a lot of strips left!  I wonder what will happen to them?

What do you think of this card? What could I have done to improve it?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Card Four - Christmas Lamp Post

Who doesn't like to color?  I find it very soothing.

I found this stamp by Penny Black and had to get it.  In my opinion, Penny Black makes some of the best stamps for coloring out there.

I stamped the image onto cream cardstock using Momento ink.  When you plan to color with alcohol inks, you have to use Momento - something like Staz-on will smear.  After I stamped it, I colored it in using Spectrum Noir pens, which are more affordable than Copic.  I used the True Blue line for the blues and the Ice Greys for the greys and the dark red for the bow.  Green was using my one and only Copic, with a little Jade for shading.  I used the lightest Citrus for the yellow of the light with a few dots of the Brown/Orange.

Once colored, I used a Spellbinder Nestabilities label to cut out the shape, and then I went around the edges with a silver Wink of Stella for a bit of shine.  Then at the bottom, for the snow, I used some Stickles glitter glue in Diamond.  I mounted the shape onto some old blue dotted blue paper I had for at least a decade, and then on top of it I put a transparency overlay  that had white "snowflakes" on it for shimmer and an extra dimension.  I hid the mini glue dots under the largest white flakes!

I am going to tie a silver cord around the side of the card .... when I get silver cord.

I like to color even though I have a lot to learn about light and shadow - so more coloring ones will appear.  :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Card Three - Quilted Embossed Christmas

I'd seen a technique where you glue paper to cardstock and run it through the embosser, so I wanted to try it.  After seeing the final product, I think I'll try it again only not have the embossed part facing up.

Again, a vanilla pre-made card from Michaels.   Pretty soon I'll dig into my cardstock but I have a lot of these cards to use up.  I got something like 50 for $5.00 so couldn't resist.

 I took a red sheet of cardstock and cut it to size.  (I am waiting for a Spellbinders card die to arrive from Amazon so I can get cleaner cuts, and a more professional appearance.  Until then.....)

I took a square one inch punch and cut out some squares from some Tim Holtz Ideology vintage paper I had around.  I liked the washed out colors and got really freaked out when I had to start cutting through the design.  You paper addicts will know what I mean!

I glued the squares on the paper as you see above, and then ran them through my Big Kick using a CuttleBug Swiss Dots embossing folder.  It didn't cover the whole paper so I had to carefully place it and run it through to get the entire thing dotted.  I then wrapped the red cardstock with baker's twine and attached a red flower.  I had a Christmas brad from somewhere, so used that in the center.  Using the same Holtz paper, I die cut a tag and stamped "Cheers" on it.  I wrapped the the twine, attached the tag and glued the whole shebang to the card.  Easy peasy for a nice, quilted, homemade Christmas card.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Card Two - Precious

This is a card I made for a friend about to have a baby girl.  Yes, it's pink, as I am a member of the patriarchal society that imposes gender stereotypes upon innocent babies.

The inside is blank, but I have plans to fix that when the baby is born.

The actual card is again a Michael's premade pack of vanilla cardstock.  I started with a creamy pink Elizabeth Crafts Shimmer Sheet, which is one of my favorite products. These sheets are mylar and pearlized, very pretty.  They come in two tones.   You will see me use them often, and when I get my photography set up so things are a bit clearer, you'll be amazed at how truly beautiful they look, and how even a novice like me can get a lovely card.

I embossed the shimmer sheet with a Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirls Embossing Folder.  At each point in the swirl, I added a flat back pearl.   I matted the shimmer sheet onto Hot off the Press's suede paper and used a dotted pink sheer ribbon on the bottom.  I topped it with a Bella Blvd feather in Carnation, and had some sparkly word stickers, I think from American Crafts.  I chose "precious" because that is what a baby is.

When I know the baby's name, I will cut it out with an alphabet die using the leftover pink suede paper and put that inside, maybe with more of the ribbon to anchor it.  After this photo was taken, I used some e6000 glue to better secure the word to the card so it looks flatter.

I freely confess to being an amateur at this card-making thing but this is really a very nice card in person.

Tomorrow, a Christmas card!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Card One - Father's Day

While I won't be sending this one to anybody, I thought today would be a nice day to honor the fathers in our lives.  This card is going to my husband.

This card was stamped using a Tim Holtz typewriter stamp, mounted on a pre-made cream card from Michaels.  I used black paper for matting, and matted that on old dictionary paper, and stamped the image on kraft paper with StazOn.  I used a textured red piece of paper behind the matting for the heck of it. The  stickers that say "Dad" are some very old embellishments I had lying around.

Here is the inside.  I took a scrap of old typewriter paper and did the same matting technique.  I used a cream tag I cut using a die and inked the edge of it, then stamped Happy Father's Day with a Tiny Tag from Hot off the Press. I topped the tag with a piece of twine.

That's it, clean and simple! Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The one One Card a Day Project was born because I, a woman who has been living with a terminal form of cancer for 4 years, need something to do.  I also have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people who have supported me and followed my story, and I want to thank them.  The thoughts and prayers and expressions of good-will I've received over the years is remarkable.

Incredibly, I'm now in remission, but it wasn't easy to get there.  I lost my job.  Life goes on no matter how sick you may be, and my younger son grew up and has gone off to college, and my older son is busy with his career and and a beautiful fiance.  For a while, I was too sick to feel bored - I found joy and happiness in sitting at a window watching birds.  But I'm better now although not fully healed - you can't go through as much treatment as I did and be whole - but I am better.   Watching birds isn't quite as interesting as it used to be.

Now, I find that all I have to do is go to doctor appointments.  Boring!

I have cultivated a scrapbook paper and embellishment addiction, thinking that I'll get those hundreds of photos into albums someday.   Whether it's Bella Blvd, Graphic 45, Echo Park, or October Afternoon, I love it all the way others love clothes, bags or jewels.

I buy this paper and treasure it like a hoarder treasures rat droppings.  Unfortunately, it doesn't get used -  I have trouble with scrapbooks due to memory and concentration problems.  I've called myself the slowest scrapper in the world - and I am not exaggerating by much.  It literally can take me two hours to decide where to place photos on a page these days.

Chemo brain is real, peeps.

Cards?  That I can do.  It's a one-day project.  And who doesn't like snail mail?

Combine all these words and you get the Card a Day Project.

My goal is to make a unique card every single day.  Yes, there will be days I'm busy and days I feel bad and days I have doctors appointments.  But for the most part, this is my new goal.  Make cards and send them out.

I will send them on December 1st, although they won't necessarily be a Christmas card.  Maybe it'll be in honor of a birthday or Thanksgiving.  Maybe it'll be a generic design.  Maybe it'll be summer, or a seaside theme.  Who knows?  I'll send them on December 1st but they could be about anything. Lots will be Christmas - but not all.  They'll be stamped.  They'll be paper pieced.  They'll be embossed, and glittered.  Whatever strikes my fancy that day.

I'm not one of those amazing scrappers who is on design teams and and whose every scrap of paper is somehow gorgeous.  I'm your ordinary mediocre paper player.   If you are on my card list, maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be a breathtakingly beautiful card you'll want to frame.  Maybe it'll look like a child made it and you'll chuckle as you toss it.  But I hope you'll appreciate the effort.   The point is for me to practice and get better, give myself something to do, and to thank people who have been so kind to me.

If you think you'd like to receive a card someday, like my facebook page.  In November, I will start collecting addresses.  If more people want a card than I've made, they will go to the top of the list and I will send some out during the year, maybe a Christmas in July thing.  Heck,  I may also drop a little gift into one or two.  I made earrings and other small crafts, so you may be lucky and get something like that too.

I will post the cards I make here, hopefully ever day.  So you can see which one may be yours.  Please join me as I progress through the One Card a Day Project.