Saturday, June 20, 2015

The one One Card a Day Project was born because I, a woman who has been living with a terminal form of cancer for 4 years, need something to do.  I also have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people who have supported me and followed my story, and I want to thank them.  The thoughts and prayers and expressions of good-will I've received over the years is remarkable.

Incredibly, I'm now in remission, but it wasn't easy to get there.  I lost my job.  Life goes on no matter how sick you may be, and my younger son grew up and has gone off to college, and my older son is busy with his career and and a beautiful fiance.  For a while, I was too sick to feel bored - I found joy and happiness in sitting at a window watching birds.  But I'm better now although not fully healed - you can't go through as much treatment as I did and be whole - but I am better.   Watching birds isn't quite as interesting as it used to be.

Now, I find that all I have to do is go to doctor appointments.  Boring!

I have cultivated a scrapbook paper and embellishment addiction, thinking that I'll get those hundreds of photos into albums someday.   Whether it's Bella Blvd, Graphic 45, Echo Park, or October Afternoon, I love it all the way others love clothes, bags or jewels.

I buy this paper and treasure it like a hoarder treasures rat droppings.  Unfortunately, it doesn't get used -  I have trouble with scrapbooks due to memory and concentration problems.  I've called myself the slowest scrapper in the world - and I am not exaggerating by much.  It literally can take me two hours to decide where to place photos on a page these days.

Chemo brain is real, peeps.

Cards?  That I can do.  It's a one-day project.  And who doesn't like snail mail?

Combine all these words and you get the Card a Day Project.

My goal is to make a unique card every single day.  Yes, there will be days I'm busy and days I feel bad and days I have doctors appointments.  But for the most part, this is my new goal.  Make cards and send them out.

I will send them on December 1st, although they won't necessarily be a Christmas card.  Maybe it'll be in honor of a birthday or Thanksgiving.  Maybe it'll be a generic design.  Maybe it'll be summer, or a seaside theme.  Who knows?  I'll send them on December 1st but they could be about anything. Lots will be Christmas - but not all.  They'll be stamped.  They'll be paper pieced.  They'll be embossed, and glittered.  Whatever strikes my fancy that day.

I'm not one of those amazing scrappers who is on design teams and and whose every scrap of paper is somehow gorgeous.  I'm your ordinary mediocre paper player.   If you are on my card list, maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be a breathtakingly beautiful card you'll want to frame.  Maybe it'll look like a child made it and you'll chuckle as you toss it.  But I hope you'll appreciate the effort.   The point is for me to practice and get better, give myself something to do, and to thank people who have been so kind to me.

If you think you'd like to receive a card someday, like my facebook page.  In November, I will start collecting addresses.  If more people want a card than I've made, they will go to the top of the list and I will send some out during the year, maybe a Christmas in July thing.  Heck,  I may also drop a little gift into one or two.  I made earrings and other small crafts, so you may be lucky and get something like that too.

I will post the cards I make here, hopefully ever day.  So you can see which one may be yours.  Please join me as I progress through the One Card a Day Project.


  1. Fabulous idea Ann. I can't wait to see your cards and maybe even be lucky enough to receive one!

    ~ Carolyn ~

  2. I love that you are a paper person. I do cards too. I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator but I usually just sell to myself. I try to make cards that we send to IV Leaguers. Now that I have your address, you might get surprised.

  3. awesome idea Ann! Its a win-win: you get to engage your creative side and stave off boredom and some lucky people are suprised with cards!