Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Card Ten - Christmas Ruffles

I STILL have pieces of paper leftover from previous cards. I cannot throw away anything but the smallest of scraps.  I confess, I'm a paper hoarder.  Somebody get me on that Hoarder's show!  I'd react the same way they do. "But I'm going to use it someday,"  I'd whine, visions of unmade cards dancing in my head.  Only, my visions are of gorgeous paper and not rodent feces covered Starbucks cups.

I'm a bit more organized too.

Just a bit.

I have a punch that creates these ruffles, so I thought it might be nice to punch the scraps and make a ruffled Christmas card.  This punch was a gift and a nice one, I have used it quite a bit.

Is that what you call it, ruffles? Maybe scallops. Chemo-brain makes it near impossible for me to remember the right terms and I've noticed it with each of these card blog posts. Unlike when you are writing creatively, with these you need to know the names.


Anyway, it came out kind of cute. But you can't tell which way it is supposed to go, so I am going to have to put an indicator on the outside.

See what I mean?
Back again.
Here's the inside, so it does matter.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize it could go two ways until I was done - and I like it the second way better.   OH well, guess that means I'll have to do another.

I thought about using embroidery thread and sewing through the holes, but I decided it was busy enough.  I only put red inside so you could see it from the outside.

I'm about done with those scraps....but I still have a few. Hmmm....how creative can I be?  I mean, a tree died for my card, I should use the entire product up, right?  So if you get a card with scrap of paper just glued to it, you'll know why.  

Products used on this card:
Border Punch Scallop (mine is old so I can't find the same brand online)
Red cardstock
WRMK North Pole Christmas Cardstock (I have the 12 x 12 but I can only find it in the 6 x 6 pad)
Red Zing embossing powder
AC "Mistletoe" Christmas Stamps (can't find online)

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