Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Card Three - Quilted Embossed Christmas

I'd seen a technique where you glue paper to cardstock and run it through the embosser, so I wanted to try it.  After seeing the final product, I think I'll try it again only not have the embossed part facing up.

Again, a vanilla pre-made card from Michaels.   Pretty soon I'll dig into my cardstock but I have a lot of these cards to use up.  I got something like 50 for $5.00 so couldn't resist.

 I took a red sheet of cardstock and cut it to size.  (I am waiting for a Spellbinders card die to arrive from Amazon so I can get cleaner cuts, and a more professional appearance.  Until then.....)

I took a square one inch punch and cut out some squares from some Tim Holtz Ideology vintage paper I had around.  I liked the washed out colors and got really freaked out when I had to start cutting through the design.  You paper addicts will know what I mean!

I glued the squares on the paper as you see above, and then ran them through my Big Kick using a CuttleBug Swiss Dots embossing folder.  It didn't cover the whole paper so I had to carefully place it and run it through to get the entire thing dotted.  I then wrapped the red cardstock with baker's twine and attached a red flower.  I had a Christmas brad from somewhere, so used that in the center.  Using the same Holtz paper, I die cut a tag and stamped "Cheers" on it.  I wrapped the the twine, attached the tag and glued the whole shebang to the card.  Easy peasy for a nice, quilted, homemade Christmas card.

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