Monday, July 13, 2015

Card Sixteen - Old Fashioned Bottlecap - Twofer!

I ordered a warehouse box from Studio Calico, and was pleased to see I got two card kits, with the ability to make 9 cards from each kit. Because they use the same paper line and embellishments, they will look similar so I'm posting them in groups. Today, I made two cards.

The papers and embellishments are from the Herb and Honey line.   You can't see but I poked holes in the bottom right yellow paper, which gives it some dimension.

There was a lot of measuring, and I am pretty bad at measuring.  And I suck at gluing too - I really need to repeat kindergarten.

But still, it was nice to have instructions and not have to search Pinterest come up with an idea.   I am not as creative as you might think.  Still, for the rest of the cards I may not follow instructions so exactly.

I may see if I can scrape up the money and subscribe to the kit for a few months and see what I get.  My poor chemo rattled brain liked having instructions to follow.

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